I have been around dogs all my life. I started from the age of 8 years old walking the neighbours dogs and teaching them basic tricks until I was finally given my first dog (after asking for 2 years!!) for my 10th Birthday. This was when my dog training and caring started to grow. I started Dog Agility competitively and advanced Dog Obedience Training. K9 Rules has now given me the chance to turn a life long hobby into a career that I love. K9 Rules also gives me the opportunity to share with other dog owners the knowledge that I have learnt through my extensive studies, lectures and my hands on experiences. I aim to create a fun and loving atmosphere and a relationship of respect, trust and understanding in order to establish that strong bond between owner and pet.

I am a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), a Certified Professional Dog Trainer with a Certificate 3 in Dog training and Behaviour from the National Dog Training Federation, and additionally other National Recognized Certificates in Dog Behaviour and Training.

I employ a scientifically proven teaching method that is derived from dolphin training that uses a marker—a “clicker” or repetition of the word “YES” — to reinforce desired behaviour. This method helps dogs learn faster and better enables both dog and owner to enjoy the training process.

One of my Dog Training primary goals is to help owners feel good about training their dogs and focus on creating a good acceptable behaviour in your dog. I do this quickly, effectively and lovingly.


I look forward to hearing from you soon.